Over 650,000 people have used Layers to build the website they need

Point & Click Interface

A code-free interface gives you control while still maintaining good design fundamentals.


Layers has been designed with a new mobile friendly framework that reacts to your screen and your content.

WooCommerce Ready

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on earth, and Layers works with it from the get-go.

SEO Friendly

A focussed and intelligent HTML structure ensures the best results for search engine ranking positions.

An innovative Design Interface that’s a joy to use

By removing endless design options and features, Layers provides you with just enough choice to create a beautiful site while still maintaining the fundamentals of good design.

Layers Interface

Build Pages Using Widgets

Use the familiar widget drag & drop interface to build pages from the ground up.

It's Point & Click

A code-free interface gives you control while still maintaining good design fundamentals.

Unique Design Bar™

A powerful option panel which allows you to style all elements of your widgets.

View Changes Instantly

Every change you make happens right away as you work with the final presentation of your site.

No Code Required

Preset layouts and the easy-to-use Design Bar mean never worrying about code again.

Built Into WordPress

Layers is activated as a WordPress theme and works directly with the built-in WordPress Customizer.

Re-order your page with drag & drop

Layers pages are created using widgets which allows you to re-order layouts quickly by simply dragging and dropping them into a new position.

Achieve Complex Layouts

Previously complex layouts are just a few clicks away with the powerful Design Bar which does all the heavy lifting for you.

Add dynamic content to your pages

The Layers Post Widget includes options that you’ll actually need when laying out your posts, such as what information to display or how to order your content.

Give Layers a try!

Packed with flexible page building Widgets

Layers’ page building interface uses WordPress widgets that have been custom built to offer incredible flexibility which are both intuitive and feature-full.

Content Widget

The most powerful tool in Layers’ arsenal which allows you to create almost any layout you need.

Slider Widget

This widget allows you huge functionality with different layout, background and sliding options.

Post Widget

Output your latest posts and select exactly what info you want to display per post list.

Post Carousel Widget

Set your post list to automatically slide, revealing new content to your site visitors.

Contact Widget

Display an email form, contact details and Google Map of your office location with the Contact Widget.

Social Widget

List your social networks in an intuitive and customizable interface.

Call to Action Widget

Add as many buttons as you like in the dedicated call to action widget.

Tab & Accordion Widgets

Add content to tabs which are revealed only when a visitor clicks them.

Style your Header just right

Along with logo resizing you can also adjust the height of your header and the spacing between menu links. Not to mention over 10 different layout combinations.

Make the logo BIGGER

Scale your site logo perfectly with the new logo resize controller.

Add background images

Add a beautiful background image to your website header.

Adjust header height

Give your header more breathing room with height adjustment.

Control menu spacing

Adjust the spacing between menu items to tweaked readability.

Gain more control over your Blog

Determine exactly what information you’d like to display in your sites blog without touching a single line of code.

Featured Image

Toggle on/off

Post Date

Toggle on/off

Post Categories

Toggle on/off

Post Tags

Toggle on/off

Post Author

Toggle on/off

Post Excerpt

Toggle on/off

And still there’s more...

Widgets are not the only party trick of the Layers WordPress theme

Mobile Friendly Layouts

Dynamic line-height adjustment gives you the perfect reading experience no matter what font you use.

Google Font Integration

Choose from 100’s of Google Fonts or use your own with TypeKit integration. 

Intelligent Color Options

Layers offers detailed color options that intelligently react to dark and light selections.

Blogger Friendly

Determine what you’d like to display on your blog list and blog post pages with new selectors unique to Layers.

Background Video

Add a slick video to your main site slider and blow your visitors away with it’s beautiful and engaging presentation.

Background Parallax

Give your background images a sense of depth with the Parallax setting available in all Layers widgets when you upgrade to Pro.

Advanced CSS Options

If you’re a Pro you can dive into CSS customization too with advanced options for all Layers widgets.

Preset Page Layouts

Start building your page in seconds with useful and intuitive presets that create the layout you want before you even start.

Automatic Image Resizing

Layers takes care of image resizing for you, taking into consideration column and screensizes for perfect optimization.

Built-in Support

Layers Messenger puts support right at your finger tips with live chats directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Automatic Page Backups

All your content is automatically saved on the fly meaning piece of mind when creating a beautiful new page.

Google Analytics Integration

Simply paste your Goolge Analytics ID into Layers and start tracking visitors within seconds.

Built-in Site Search

With built in search, site visitors are just a few key strokes away from finding the content they need.

Button Styling

Layers Pro offers more detailed color options for buttons, menu items, widgets and more.

Hide On Devices

Determine which content you’d like to hide on different devices, reducing scroll heights and emphasising core messages.

Smooth Scrolling

Elegantly slide between different anchor points on your web page with Smooth Scrolling. Perfect for One Page Websites!

View Full Feature List

Compare the free and Pro versions of Layers side by side in a comprehensive feature list.

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Over 650,000 people have used Layers to build the website they need.

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